Cutting-Edge Wellness Companies for 2020

Research shows that Americans spent over $250 billion on wellness in 2018. This category includes things like gym memberships, fitness trackers and other goods and services. Although this sector is already booming, it’s also proven ripe for innovation. The year 2020 has seen plenty of advancements in the wellness space.

One of the most promising and necessary products in the wellness category is the improved Theragun. Awareness of myofascial release techniques has improved drastically over the past decade. This tool has made that practice even more available for people at home. The Theragun has revolutionized the way people can self-treat their muscle knots and fascia. It’s used by professional athletes like Kyrie Irving and many other celebrities. The Theragun applies as much as 60 pounds of force to trouble spots. This can be much more effective, much more quickly, than a foam roller or tennis ball.

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