What are the different types of Horse Shows? Bricole Reincke

Those who have invested in certain breeds of horses often participate in horse shows and judged competitions. Such events are composed of a group of horses of similar breeds and similar training that compete for awards and, frequently, prize money. Judges’ scores are based upon the horses’ performances, evaluations of the riders’ posture and the relationship between horse and rider.

There are both international and national horse shows. In its competitions, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (Fédération équestre international-FEI) has established 10 disciplines:

  1. Combined driving — This event involves carriage driving.

On the national scene, judges also evaluate riders on their posture and relationship with their horses and the skills performed. Competitions include the following:

  1. Pleasure Classes — Judges scrutinize the horse’s demeanor in the ring and whether it is calm enough to ride in competition events.

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Bricole Reincke

Based in Southwest Ranches, Bricole Reincke is Vice President at Interactive Metronome. Learn more about Bricole on her website at http://bricolereincke.org/.